Uplifting and comical…a look at my life, motherhood and the circus that goes with it

I have an ego problem. There I said it. So, when I went flying at 30 miles an hour face first into a river that potentially had a dead body in it while water skiing fallen water skifor the first time…my ego was bruised..not to mention the rest of me. So, the next logical thing to do was to repeatedly attempt to make it on my feet without landing on my face, without my bathing suit ending up wrapped around my throat like a dominatrix act gone wrong. I failed…every time as my husband, daughters and friends watched. Damn, I suck.

But, I didn’t go try to water ski because of any narcissism…in fact there were two reasons for my attempts,…one that was personal, and one that was not. I was scared shitless, but it had always been something that I wanted to try for myself and never had the opportunity, and there it was staring at me like a cheeseburger cheeseburgerafter a night of heavy drinking. Why wouldn’t I try it? Was I going to let fear of injury or cuddling up to the floating deceased, or a fucking fish prevent me from doing something that I always wanted to do? Hell no. So I went for it, and even though I landed on my face, on my head, getting my leg ripped out from under me, losing skis and now considering ordering a walker for my pulled hamstrings , I can say that I did it, and I didn’t die doing it. (at least this time). So my ego is boosted again knowing that I don’t give up or become paralyzed from living my life because I feel uncomfortable with it. I just went for it.

The second reason was to teach a lesson. My beautiful daughters who emulate what I do, , needed to see that their mother can push through uncertainty, take (reasonable) risks and not let fear determine resistance of embracing life. This is a hands on situation that I am proving to “do as I do” and not “do as I say, not what I do.” If I were to stand outside the water refusing to get wet, refusing to take a fall or 5 into the muddy river, than potentially I am teaching them their fears are correct….that doing something as outrageous as water skiing is definitely a danger or hazard…mom waterslide Get your hair wet every now and again, it proves something to them.

Try anything once (except skydiving maybe..lol)..but you never want to look back and think why didn’t I try that? Because there may never be another opportunity…and we all should remember that…to take each moment as it comes, instead of procrastinating a possible time again down the road..and hopefully when my daughters come across the same opportunity, they will remember that time that their mother took the chance and survived to say, “now this is living”…to not regret what I chose, or wishing I did something different.




  1. I love this! Thank you for your honesty…not enough of that in the world.


    • Thank you! I felt completely rejuvenated on Saturday after trying it! It helped me get out of a little funk I have been in with these rainy summer days! And I absolutely agree that people hide behind what they are way too much instead of being honest with themselves!


  2. I love what you’re showing your daughters! And your analogy of the cheeseburger after a night of drinking? Spot on:). You go, girl.


    • Thank you for commenting and following! I just turned 34 yesterday so I may be eating more and more cheeseburgers to console myself! My daughters are still talking about our boating experience! Life is good!


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