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The reason why there are shitty kids is because there are really shitty parents. Period. Everyday, people are becoming parents that should be checking themselves into intensive therapy and not a maternity ward. It sucks, and its bullshit because there are millions of nonshitty people who just simply can’t be parents, let alone shitty ones. And the rest of us are forced to deal with those shitty parents and our kids with their shitty kids So as my six year old says, “It’s not fair!”.So what’s next? The rest of us have to learn to teach these scorned children how not to be shitty because they got the short straw. Thanks parents.

Its fucking sad. These kids just don’t have a chance from the beginning. To teach your child to hate, to criticize, even if its by allowing them to watch you treat your spouse the same. You don’t have to say a word to make a difference in their lives….and these parents walk around with blinders on for their own selfish reasons, as their child gets taught to feel loved, you have to feel hate.

But if you don’t get it, I guess you don’t get it. If their parents drove them around shitfaced after a case of beer into the wee hours of the night, than I guess why would anyone expect anything different for their own children…a lifelong game of follow the leader.


Instead, what these shitty parents should be teaching is “simon says” do what I say and not as what I lived through. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking that at some point these individuals can look into the mirror and remember what they battled and try to do anything but the same. But, reality remains as such that many are not equipped to face those demons; therefore easier to ignore it altogether…

..causing these shitty kids to become shitty parents to repeat the cycle, repeating the game, to look in the mirror themselves to decide if it is them who will call a timeout, to make the change and teach their children to not live the same.


End Rant.



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