Uplifting and comical…a look at my life, motherhood and the circus that goes with it

Is it easier to flick someone off when they change lanes too close to your car, or is it easier to pull back a little to let them in?

Is it easier to close the door in someone’s face because they have children and you don’t like children, or is it easier to hold it for only seconds more.

Is it easier to dismiss someone’s feelings because you don’t agree with them, or it is easier to listen to possibly give them their first moment in a long time where they have finally felt heard.

Is it easier to insult another because they have insulted you behind your back, or is it easier to ignore it and wash your hands of something that doesn’t heed importance.

Is it easier to attack someone’s character because your insecure of your own, or is it easier to let them be who they are at free will.

Is it easier to push someone out of the way because you are in a hurry, or is it easier to simply say, “Excuse me, no worries”

Is it easier to blame others, or is it easier to reflect upon becoming a better person yourself.

Is it easier to assume the worst, or is it easier to hope for the best, expecting something in the middle.

Is it easier to crush someone’e else’s dream because you couldn’t have yours, or is it easier to praise their good success and maintain a good friend.

Is it easier to pretend to be someone else, or it is easier to believe in yourself.

Is it easier to play the game, or is it easier to call it by name.

Is it easier to hate, or it is easier to love….a question so challenging, I suppose, for some..

But me? I choose love. Because living your life in hate, will only negate your moments of which you adore.



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