Uplifting and comical…a look at my life, motherhood and the circus that goes with it


A’s friend in car while driving to Kindergarten: Uh oh…guess who got in big time trouble and went to ja—ail…?

A: Who?

A’s friend: Your boyfriend, Justin Bei—ber.

A: Why?

A’s friend: He is bad. He gets in trouble a lot.

A: That’s ok. All I like is his face and his mohawk.

A’s friend: He went to jail for driving and drinking.

A: Oh, my mom does that all of the time.



Forgot all I said in the last blog. The reason why we can never keep our mouths shut and spew out TMI is because we hang around our kids way too much. They have no filter. They tell strangers they are fat to their face and ask if a person on the street is a boy or a girl. They have no problem talking about having to poop “really bad” in front of store clerks and then grunting really loud in the public bathroom while doing it. This is where our problem lies. (or is it just me). We are so used to saying whatever we want to them, just as they are to us, and saying it with conviction; however the truth behind it is not always reliable (nor the source). It is what it is., I guess, and, and for the record, I stopped drinking and driving a long time ago when I couldn’t find my way out of a parking lot. I’m sure that your friend’s mom wouldn’t think anything of it once she hears a statement like that…but thanks for sharing sweetie. Oh and don’t worry, I will try not to tell your friend that you pick your nose and eat it, but sometimes I have no filter either. 🙂

It is what it is people…but sometimes you have to read between the lines 🙂 


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