Uplifting and comical…a look at my life, motherhood and the circus that goes with it

A New Years message….


Dear anonymous:

 The day that you chose to take a backseat to your childrens’ lives is the day that you have become irrelevant for the rest of theirs. The tears they shed when you stopped showing up or when you decided that a phone call was too much of a nuisance will become a ficticious story from long ago, perhaps a fairytale. You will no longer be the one they want to tell their good deeds to or tell you their dreams. They will no longer need you. They will miss the hope of you, but they will not need you, and they will learn to become someone that’s not you…. because the one who loves them the most will do whatever it takes to show them how not  to.

 Make a New Year’s change. Learn to love your children how they need loved. You cannot redo these years. They will be lost, the dream gone and the hope will become nothing more than a phase.

 Be true, be you and love your children



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